These Tournament Standard Primaris Marines are a great example of our new and most affordable paint level. Tournament Standard gets your army on the tabletop to a minimum paint standard required for tournaments. Base coat plus 2-4 base colors (3-6 for Characters) with a wash for metallics. No highlighting and not a lot of detail work, but a clean and great looking army to get you going at a very affordable price point.

If you like painting but are short on time, this is a fantastic way to have an army started for you, allowing you to do the fun parts of highlighting and detail work. Alternatively, you can get an army started at the Tournament Standard and then later when you have some more resources, you can send it back to us to be brought up to Tabletop or Tabletop Plus at a reduced price! Shoot us a quote request at: Also, please note these example models feature level 3 basing which really sets them off. 

tournament standardcharacters.jpg
Orange primaris 5.jpg
Orange primaris 1.jpg
Orange primaris 2.jpg
Orange primaris 3.jpg
Orange primaris 4.jpg

And here are some more Tournament Standard Primaris Marines in another paint scheme with level 1 basing for a very affordable and nice looking unit!

Blue Knight 8.jpg

Hey everyone, check out this awesome example of a Tournament Standard Tyranid army, painted by our very own FLG Paint Studio!

The Tournament Standard paint level is what it says: it gets your models painted to a typical tournament standard of 3-4 colors and based. The reason it is so cool is because not only does it get you ready to go to an organized play event without any extra effort on your part, but it does so at a very reasonable price point. And, if you so desire, you can go back at a later date and do some detail work on the models yourself if you enjoy that, or send them back to us to have us bring them up to a higher level of painting.

These armies look good, too. You don’t sacrifice quality. The primary difference being we don’t invest the time into extensive highlighting and low-lighting (thus allowing us to offer you the lower price point) but get you a nice clean base coat and your models based so that your army looks great on the tabletop at, again, a very reasonable cost.

Check out some more pics of Frankie’s “Aliens” themed Tyranid army! It is a very simple paint scheme but it looks awesome on the table and has been based with some really cool custom bases (this would be level 3 basing) to really set them off. Frankie went with a flat grey/black and a lustrous black as his two primary army colors in keeping with the Aliens theme, with green or purple accent colors to make the models pop and silver for the teeth and claws. As you can see, the end result is simple, but clean and as an army viewed on the tabletop during a game it looks awesome.


Here’s the entire army in one of our collapsible display trays with mat! The mat is Infested Spaceship 1, which the army has been based to match. When you play the army on this mat it looks awesome, they feel like they belong there.