Get your RPG Miniatures Painted with the FLG Paint Studio!

When commission painting miniatures, we very much enjoy the opportunity to paint RPG minis as they help to bring a campaign to live and make it memorable. Over the years we've had the opportunity to paint quite a few miniatures for our client's campaigns and it has always been a point of pride to produce quality work at a fair price. Take a look at this recent miniatures painting commission we recently completed for a client to get their custom Hero Forge minis ready for adventure!

Primaris Ultramarines

This awesome miniatures painting commission came out great! Ultramarines Primaris Marines. The level 2 basing really makes them pop. 

Dark Imperium__13.jpg

Shadespire Warbands

We recently completed these miniature painting commissions of two Shadespire Warbands and they came out great! Shadespire is a fun, skirmish scale miniatures game set in the Age of Sigmar universe. It is played in quick, competitive games using dice and a deck of cards.

These smaller commissions give the artist a chance to really show their stuff with high level paint jobs to make sure that your warband looks as awesome as possible! The two pictured are Magore's Fiends and the Farstriders.


Painting Liquids

Hey guys Cavalier here, commission painter for Frontline Gaming and co-host of Splintermind the Dark Eldar Podcast here today with another painting tutorial. This time I’m discussing my approach to painting liquids.

Now for this commission here, its a Tabletop + commission which means we are working with a limited amount of highlights and blending. You can definitely do a lot more when painting liquids, but this serves as a great foundation and works well when applied across a large force such as Drukhari Wyches which have vials of combat drugs on every model!

So for this project we’ll be looking at the Biologus Putrifier a great new model for Death Guard. Now as you can see below the model is nearly complete, so I wont be going over how I got to this stage. If you are looking for a tutorial on how I paint Death Guard in general, refer back to this article my Single Highlight Death Guard Tutorial. This is more about fine detail work.

STEP 1: So to begin with I paint the vials Stegadon Scale a great paint from GW. I also like this color because it can take the all the washes I apply to the model as a whole, and it only adds to the look of the liquid.


STEP 2: I then hit the vials and bottles with a trio of washes: Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade and Seraphim Sepia, this produces a wonderfully grimy look to the bottles and gives a subtle mottled effect to that once solid Stegadon Scale.


STEP 3: Now normally I’d do a little clean-up and restore some of that Stegadon Scale to a more solid color, but the murky effect really works for this model. But just because that “clean-up” stage is mandatory for a lot of colors, doesn’t mean its a universal rule. If you like the way something looks and it works for the effect you are going, go with it! By leaving the Stegadon Scale with all the miscellaneous washes over it, it gives the appearance of “disturbed sediment” swirling in the bottles as the Plague Marine tromps across the battlefield.

With that idea of sediment in mind, I paint a solid coat of Kabalite Green in collected little pools, with the meniscus line angled as such to make it look like the “heavier” liquid within these foul potions has shifted forward in the direction the bottles and vials are leaning. Thus if the vials and bottles are leaning forward, you paint them in the forward bottom portion of the vial/bottle.  Just think of it as a bottle of pond water with mud and sediment at the bottom of the bottle.


Step 4:

Now repeat the same process just splitting that Kabalite Green “sediment” in half with a layer of with a 50/50 mix of Kabalite and Sybarite Green. After that repeat the process, splitting the mixed half Kabalite/Sybarite Green with a layer of pure Sybarite Green.


Final Step: Now for the easy part! Hit those bad boys with a ‘Ard Coat (a gloss lacquer) and you are done! With a more advanced paint job you do sparkle effects and more highlighting to go for more ethereal look to the potions, but even painted to this  standard you’ve managed to establish some very nice eye-catching details that’ll look good at any angle. The ‘Ard Coat does a lot of the work for you picking up the light in a really cool way.


So I hope you guys found that useful. It can really bring a model to life when you know how. If there are any techniques, simple or complex that you guys are interested in, please let me know in the comments section below. Stay tuned and I’ll be back next week with another article.

Also if you are interested in exclusive Dark Eldar and all things Aeldari coverage check out our podcast Splintermind the Dark Eldar Podcast, where we tactics, hobby, lore, interview Black Library authors all as it relates to the Eldar factions. Thanks for stopping by!

Completed Commission: Blood Angels

These great looking Blood Angels Primaris Marines were painted by the FLG Paint Studio!

These are a beautiful example of Tabletop quality models with level 1 basing for a nice clean look without breaking the bank.

Consider us for your next commission!

And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart!

Painting White is Easy: Here’s How!

Hey guys Cavalier here, commission painter for Frontline Gaming and co-host of Splintermind the Dark Eldar podcast here today with a painting tutorial on how to paint white models! So if you like the look of this Lion of Chrace I’ll show you how I did it.

41603899614_e6f5c9dd35_o-768x576 (1).jpg

The first trick to painting white is this: DONT. Paint it grey! By grey I mean Ulthuan Grey, which is the matching color to GW’s Corax White spray primer! Now I dont know why they dont just advertise that but it was a maddening process to discover, so hopefully I saved you time with that alone. Ulthuan Grey is also an amazing paint which goes on a thousand times easier than White Scar or Ceramite White.

Step 1: Prime Away
Now the model I’ll be showing is the matching lion to the one pictured above. So simply begin by priming the model Corax White.


Step 2: Avoid the Mess

A big tip with painting colors like yellow, bone and white is to paint anything that can make a mess of your pristine colors first, so that you can clean up any splatter in the early stages so all your hard work doesnt get ruined at the end. So I black out the base, paint the saddle Dryad Bark, apply Retributor to the armor. Afterwards I apply a Nuln Oil wash to the leather bits and clean that up. I dont bother applying my usual Reikland Flesh wash to the golden armor until later as you are bound to get some of blue and green washes from the lion itself onto the gold.


Step 3: The Wolf and the Lion

Enter Fenris Grey. Using just a bit of Fenris Grey and a healthy amount of Lahmian medium I make a light grey wash to apply all over the lion. It is very subtle but it makes for a cool ghostly ethereal vibe which works well for this warp-touched beast. I dont use any specific ratios, I just go on feel, adding a bit more grey for the mane areas, more Lahmian Medium on the body.


Step 4: Add Variety

For the next step I use Coeilia Greenshade mixed with Lahmian Medium to add a nice touch of blue green to the lion’s mane and tail. The green in this excellent paint adds some range of color to the model to avoid being monotone greys and blues. In the end it helps to create a more ethereal look to the model. If say however, I was painting a White Scars Space Marine I would use Drakenhoff Darkshade/Lahmian Medium mix after using the grey which would give greater definition, but look a bit less ethereal/mystical. If was painting a Luna Wolf I may go for Russ Grey for grittier more muted approach all round.


Step 5: Reign it In

While that sea green tint is really nice, its a bit strong. I want to pull the whole thing into a more spectral ghostly vibe, so I re-apply Fenris Grey/Lahmian Medium wash to the mane again to knock it down again. This also darkens the mane over all providing necessary contrast to keep the model from looking monotone.


Step 6: Clean up your Act!

So time to do a bit of clean up and brighten the mane a bit. So just using Ulthuan Grey (the main color of the model) I pick out the locks of hair on the mane and tail, the strands in the beard, the raised areas on the face of the lion and bam! Thats it, you are all done painting the white. I treat this whole bit as a pseudo-highlighting stage and call it a day on the actual white of the model. When you start adding White Scar or even a blend of Ulthuan and White Scar it just takes the entire paint scheme into a starker shade of white that I do not want, nor do I think is necessary. You’ll see just how bright this model looks in the end, as the details are completed and in contrast to other models.


Step 6: Final Details

So after that I just carefully pick out the details, like the Harlequin mask, highlight the saddle, wash and paint the armor and detail the gems. I also painted the nose and gums of the lion Slaanesh Grey just to keep the “shades of grey” approach going. As you can see now you’d be hard pressed to think you painted this model grey at all though. Its got a really nice snowy white, but with some nice ethereal shading with good contrast and distinction.


Also when alongside other units in my army, it seems like it couldn’t be a brighter shade of white!


So thats it guys! Thats my approach to painting white. I hope you found it helpful and that it took some of the mystique out this reputedly difficult process. I’m very happy with how it came out and they make a great exotic addition to my Corsair themed Eldar. If you need any tips or advice feel free to ask away in the comments section below, I’m always happy to talk painting.

Also if you are interested in exclusive Dark Eldar and all things Aeldari coverage check out our podcast Splintermind the Dark Eldar Podcast, where we tactics, hobby, lore, interview Black Library authors all as it relates to the Eldar factions. Thanks for stopping by!

And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart!

Adeptus Custodes

Hey guys. Brandon here. It has been a while. But the LVO is over and we are back in the studio. Today I am showing off some Adeptus Custodes models that are being painted for our dear buddy Geoff Robinson. Just a few photos for now. The army is going to be Huge!

Will also be painting more of these bad boys on twitch tonight at 5pm Pacific.



Hey guys and gals. We have been super busy here at the FLG paint studio. A lot of models are shooting in and out of here these days. We also are a little behind on post because of getting ready for the BAO! It was a blast. If you have not attended before, it is a real treat. Anyway... Just a couple pics of random models that have shot through in the last week or so.

A few small projects this week

Hey everyone. This week we paused some larger projects to bust out a few smaller jobs that have been in the queue. These are just a taste of the projects from the week. A good mix over all.

 Table top plus Guilliman with both head options

Table top plus Guilliman with both head options

 We started on a good lookin Sisters force on custom bases

We started on a good lookin Sisters force on custom bases

 Table Top Plus Iron Hands

Table Top Plus Iron Hands

 Table Top Plus Voldus

Table Top Plus Voldus

 Another TT+ Guilliman with Table Top Standard Terminators

Another TT+ Guilliman with Table Top Standard Terminators

 Table Top Ultramarine vehicles.

Table Top Ultramarine vehicles.