Completed Commission: Chaos Space Marines Warp Talons

These Chaos Space Marines Warp Talons have been painted to a Tabletop standard in the colors of the infamous Black Legion!

Tabletop standard is affordable and while it lacks the detail work of our higher paint levels it still looks great! It gets your army on the table quickly without breaking the bank. Consider the FLG Paint Studio for your next professional miniatures painting commission.


Completed Commission: Carcharadons Space Marines Army

This Carcharodon Space Marines painting commission came out really nicely!

With the release of plastic Heresy style armor it's easier than ever to make an army like the Space Sharks! This army also has custom basing and some great decal work which really makes the army stand out.

Consider the FLG Paint Studio for your next miniatures painting commission, be it the fearsome Carcharadons or any other 40k army!

Grey Bikes 1.jpg
Grey Jump Guys 1.jpg
Grey Larger 2.jpg
Grey Plane 1.jpg
Grey triangle guns 1.jpg
Grey Unit 1.jpg

Completed Commission: Imperial Knight Castellan and Valiant.

This fantastic Imperial Knight Castellan commission was painted by the FLG Paint Studio in House Raven colors!

The Castellan features some awesome freehand, decals and color choices. Consider us for your next 40k paint commission!

These are both Tabletop Plus paint jobs with Level 3 basing and decals added on.

And as always, you can purchase these models from Frontline Gaming at a discount through their web-cart!

Red Knight 8.jpg
Red Knight 7.jpg
Red Knight 6.jpg
Red Knight 5.jpg
Red Knight 4.jpg
Red Knight 2 (1).jpg
Blue Knight 1.jpg
Blue Knight 2.jpg
Blue Knight 3.jpg
Blue Knight 4.jpg
Blue Knight 5.jpg
Blue Knight 6.jpg
Blue Knight 7.jpg

Completed Commission: Imperial Knights and Armigers

This miniatures painting commission we recently completed came out great! The client had these 40k miniatures painted to a Tabletop Plus standard with level 3 basing. The decals really set them apart though, and we’re happy to do so for your next Warhammer paint commission, too! As always, you can also get these miniatures from Frontline Gaming at a discount as well, to further save money!